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Snow on Arran by Stephyk94
Snow on Arran
Today in Scotland it was very sunny and there were hardly any clouds in the area. When that happens you can get a great view of the Island of Arran. Since its still winter there is snow on top of Arran's mountains ans that is visible in the landscape. I wanted to get a shot of it so badly that i ended up getting off the bus to college just to get a few photos. Obviously this photo was taken in the day time as i edited it to look like night time in Photoshop CS6. I also added in some stars as well and I think it is more effective in night time than the day time. I also used the clone-stamp tool as the original image has about 6 or 7 lampposts in it. 

I'm really happy how this photo turned out :D
Ghost by Stephyk94
I was practicing product shots in the studio today so i took in my ghost perfume. Its not the final shot as I want to add in another light on the right side to get a full outline of the crescent moon shape. I used a smoke brush preset to give it a more ghostly affect.  
Sanji by Stephyk94
Sanji happens to be my favourite character from the Straw Hat crew! This figure belongs to my boyfriend which he was happy enough to let me borrow to photograph :D
Rob Lucci by Stephyk94
Rob Lucci
Lucci is my all time favourite One Piece character and my best friend had given me a Lucci figure to me for Christmas! I took the photo inside of my college studio :D
State of Love and Trust by Stephyk94
State of Love and Trust
For a college assignment I was given a Photoshop task where I had to make layers for a unit called Digital Imaging. I was given five different themes and I needed to take the minimum of three photos for each theme and combine them together inside Photoshop. 

I was heavily influenced by the character called Dogmeat in the game Fallout 4. I usually watch my boyfriend play the game a few nights a week. Here I took a close up photo of my dog, Sasha, I then also changed the background to a field and since some photos were unattainable to capture, we could use very small PNG images like I did here to create the explosion effect in her eye. I also downloaded some fire ember brushes to create the look of tiny pieces of fire falling from the sky. 
meme from Kaliedo-Star :D 

Full Name: Stephanie
- Nicknames: Steph, Red Steph, 
Friends: I have quite a lot of friends haha
       - Age: 21
Gender: Female
Acceptable Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual & Romantic Orientation: Hetrosexual and in a relationship.
Date of Birth: 28th February
Zodiac: Pisces
Hogwarts House: slytherin 
Birthplace: Irvine Central, Irvine, Scotland
Current Residence: Kilmarnock, Scotland
Occupation(s): I dont have a job but I'm a full time photography student at college 

Blood Type: I actually have no idea.
Nationality: Scottish
Ethnicity: White
- Ancestry: No idea but my dad said that we have distant family that is related to William Wallace but I dunno.
Height: 5ft3
Weight: Dont want to say
Build: Uhhh girl buid?
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Natural blonde but at the moment my hair is dyed red.
Skintone: Paler than a pint of milk
Scars/Markings: One on my knee from falling on glass and two burn scars on my wrist from burning myself while making oven chips. 

General Attitude: Happy and calm Ive become very confident over the past few months :D
Life’s Aspirations: To be a photographer 
- Favorite Foods: Chocolate, fruit mainly bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, melon and kiwi.
Religion: Well where i come from there isn't a word for people who don't have a religion so I don't have one. Prefer to keep it that way. 
Likes: I like a lot of things haha food, my laptop, camera, my boyfriend, my two nephews, colourful stuff, pokemon, transformers, Gordon Ramsay, dresses, The Avengers, Loki and more things.
Dislikes: Awkward situations, shouting, my older brother, and stuff. 
Fears: Spiders, the dentist, staying over night in a hospital, if i ever have to get a serious operation i will hide under a table until it goes away. Also giant moths, my mum when shes mad, 

Father: Charlie
Mother: Kathy
Sister(s): No sisters im the only girl in the family. 
Brother(s): Jamie the oldest and John the middle. 
Best Friends: All of my friends who i trust are my best friends :D       
Pets: Sasha my dog and Biscuit my gerbil. 
  • Watching: Weird stuff on YouTube
  • Drinking: Diet cola


Stephyk94's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Photography
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! I'm Stephyk94 I've been off of DeviantArt for quite a while. I genuinely lost interest for a while and did no artwork or any fan pictures. I will be mainly uploading my own photography work from now on.

I go to Ayrshire College in Kilwinning and have completed and passed both NC and HNC levels. I am currently about to start my HND level!m

Current Residence: Scotland
Favourite genre of music: Everything!
Operating System: HP Laptop and Samsung Galaxy S5
Wallpaper of choice: Purple
Favourite cartoon character: I have a lot lol
Personal Quote: Heeeeyyyy babyyyyyyyyy :p

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